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Telemedicine, Meet Prosthetics

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Ever since we started Ortheco Prosthetics, we have been on the forefront of prosthetic technology. With Amputee Success as our one goal, and we are always looking for ways to not only improve the quality of the care but also the care experience.

Now we are pioneering the use of telemedicine in the field of prosthetic clinical care. You can now meet our clinicians using your phone, tablet or computer. This video meeting is secure and 100% HIPPA compliant. Just visit and book an appointment. It's that simple.

We have been using a similar model for people who have been traveling from far away to see us, but now because of COVID-19 we expedited the implementation of an easy to use and secure model and have opened it for everyone.

We understand that in most cases we will need to physically meet but using telemedicine we can reduce the trips and also, be able get everything ready before a physical meeting. We have also created a secure platform where patients can send and sign documents. This will enable us to get a lot done before a physical meeting is needed.

Telemedicine is not new to the field of medicine but has seen a surge in use since the restrictions because of COVID-19. Doctors are not only seeing patients online, they are able to bill for telemedicine services to most insurances and medicare. One great advantage we have in the field of prosthetics, is that we do not need to bill for the time and hence implementing telemedicine in our practices is less complicated.

Ortheco Prosthetics has clinics in Springfield Illinois, St. Louis Missouri and Cape Girardeau Missouri

Our team is here and will make sure your virtual visit will go smoothly.

So, go ahead make an appointment.

Guidelines for the video meeting: Be ready in the virtual waiting area at least 5 minutes before the meeting. Once your practitioner is ready, they will let you in the meeting room. Place your phone/computer against the wall so we can see you. If you are able to walk, please place your phone in a way that we are able to see you walking. Wear the clothes that you would wear to a meeting with your prosthetist. This way it is easy for our practitioner to take a look at you and your residual limb if needed. It is okay to have other family members present at the time of the meeting. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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