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Schedule a Virtual Visit:

Not local? No problem, we at Ortheco Prosthetics want to do what is best for you! 

We know that making it into the office is not always easy, and for that - we utilize technology to conduct virtual consultations, not only for out of town patients, but for local patients too!*

This way you are not wasting your time while you're in St. Louis. We can request all the paperwork necessary from your prescribing doctor and even get authorization from your insurance. We can even sometimes order necessary components so your fitting can be finished in as little as two or three days. Although sometimes you may need to stay one week or even longer depending on how the socket fitting goes; but we will do our best to minimize the amount of time you are needed in the office. It will be like meeting with us in the office without physically being there. 


Please fill out the form below and share with us what days and times work best for you, and we'll reach out to confirm a time.


Schedule a Virtual Consult

Thanks for submitting!

*Video Consultation will be done at no charge (you must have access to the internet). During the consultation our practitioners will see the patients using a video service and assess your needs. It will be like meeting us in the office without physically being there. 

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