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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

With this day by day advancing generation, the new technologies have brought a revolution in the world of prosthetics. With this concept, people can once again be involved in those sport activities that were once restricted because of the amputation.


Prosthetics or prosthetic implants are artificial devices that are attached temporarily to the body in place of a lost body part. They are used to restore normal body functions. They are being created using Computer-Aided Design, a software that produces a three dimensional design using computer analysis.


BLADES: These prosthetics are for the lower limb and are the most advanced and popular sports prosthetic. These running blades have brought a revolution ever since the Special Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius used these. They are made up of carbon fiber polymers and mechanical testing and computer analyses assemble these according to the weight of the runner.

MOTO KNEE AND VERSA FOOT: It is mostly used in high impact sports like race track and snowboarding. Moto knee and versa foot was invented by Mike Schultz, an athlete who fractured his knees in a snowmobiling accident. The prosthetic is a unique design that balances a shock absorber with lightweight material making it capable of bearing the actions.

PROSTHETIC FLIPPER: These are designed to keep a balance between two legs when a person swims. The flippers are water-resistant and the more advanced ones are even waterproof. It can also be used by patients with bilateral amputation.

PROSTHETICS WITH ROTATION: These are the devices that allow rotation and twisting movements. The movements are made possible by a torque adaptor and shock absorber. They are used in activities like golfing and cycling.

CLIMBING PROSTHETICS: These were invented by Hugh Herr, a climber who lost his legs to frostbite in an accident. The biomechatronics put forward their contributions to propose a design that allows the amputees to climb.


FIN HAND PROSTHETIC: Fin hand attachments are used by the swimmers. They are water-resistant and with latest modification, microprocessor technology has brought a revolution making these devices completely waterproof.

BASKETBALL PROSTHETICS: These provide hand attachments and specialized technology to form a different configuration that provides the friction required for grabbing and handling the ball.

VOLLEYBALL PROSTHETICS: These prosthetics are designed to allow the player to follow the formalities of volleyball. The flexibility due to the rubber body allows the mimicry of human hands.

HOCKEY PROSTHETICS: There are many prosthetics that can be used differently for ice and floor hockey. These devices fit on the hockey stick and allow the wide range of movements offered by the human wrist.

PADDLING PROSTHETICS: With these devices it has been possible for the upper limb amputees to go for kayaking and paddling through water. The prosthetic attachments can also be used by bilateral amputees.


The field of prosthetics has been contributed by many people who strive to persuade their aims despite their disabilities. Today, several scientists at institutes around the globe are working to make these prosthetics more advanced and affordable so that everyone can be benefited.

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