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What Are Orthopedic Shoes?

The design of these shoes supports the mechanics or structure of the foot, leg, or ankle. They generally have many medical benefits. Orthopedic shoes are unique from everyday footwear.

Who Requires Orthopedic Shoes?

With older age, the bones start to lose their strength and break down easily. Therefore, commonly older people have to wear these kinds of medicated shoes. It helps them to maintain their foot structure. However, these shoes are also for those who have specific health conditions. Such as arthritis, diabetes, heel pain, hammertoes, edema, flat feet, bunions, or foot surgery.

Special Features of Orthopedic Shoes

The following are the main features of orthopedic shoes:

1. Sizing and width: These type of shoes provides the number of sizes (i.e., 20) and width (I.e., 3) which make 60 unique and different combinations.

2. Insole: These shoes normally have a removable insole. Sometimes these insoles as medicated. Diabetic insole, Orthotics insole are a couple of examples. These help to provide ease to various patients.

3. Flex points and absorption property: Usually, shoes do not have any kind of absorption property or flex points. These soles have good absorption power. They also have flex points that provide relaxation to the user in their specific style.

4. Upper foot issues: These shoes are also beneficial to those patients who have an upper foot. Such as problems like bunions or hammertoes.

5. Supportive and firm heel: These shoes provide supportive and firm heel to maintain a good foot structure.

6. Easy to wear: They are easy to wear because of the hook and loop closure, which provide ease to the patient like arthritis.


Orthopedic shoes have the following benefits. They help people to maintain proper shape and foot alignment.

1. Provide Good Circulation: These shoes provide enough room to move the feet around. It enhances circulation and reduces nerve-related issues.

2. Support and Healing Effect: The majority of peoples experience foot-related issues like alignment. This type of issue effect the walking quality of a person by increasing discomfort zone and pain. However, orthopedic shoes fix the alignment issue and provide great shape to the foot.

3. Enhanced Mobility of Foot: People with foot pain usually have a mobility issue. The decrease in mobility is the major problem, which gives rise to different foot issues. People affected by this issue experiences heavy pain and discomfort during a walk. Orthopedic shoes are beneficial and provide various options. It is a cushion-like structure to heal the pain and increase the mobility of the foot.

4. Reduction in Pain: Orthopedic shoes have large space in toe-box as compared to normal footwear. It keeps toes far away from the front side, which reduces the rubbing problem and helps to reduce pain.

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