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At Ortheco, we provide our patients with access to state-of-the-art prosthetic care along with the most experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals. In 2019, Ortheco Prosthetics opened its doors to patients in the city of St. Louis MO. Our mission has been to provide quality care in a safe environment — earning us a reputation as the best prosthetic clinic in the area.
From advanced prosthetic sockets to HiTech Microprocessor knees and ankles, our personalized services allow us to manage whatever concern our patients might have. Book an appointment today and see what we can do for you or your loved ones.

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What people are saying...

"I am very blessed to have had Romel as my prosthetist.
He will do anything to fit you with the best prosthetic device. You will never be disappointed with the care he provides.
If you have an issue with your prosthetic he makes time to see you as soon as possible knowing that you will not be able to wear your prosthetic until the issue is fixed."


-Kim M.


Runner with Amputated Leg, below the knee amputee with vacuum prosthetic socket


Amputation of the leg can be life changing and it is very challenging to re-gain mobility after such an event. Whether you are a new amputee or you have been using a prosthesis, will design goals to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve it.


After an upper limb amputation, adaptation back to everyday life is difficult. We can help you find the right prosthesis which will help you realize not only your functional goals, but also help you look whole again.

A below elbow amputee using an advanced prosthetic hand to cook. Bionic hand.
Above knee prosthetic socket with flexible inner.


Prosthetic socket is the single most important part of your prosthesis and works as the connect between you and the prosthesis. A poor fitting socket is the biggest reason why amputees do not use their prosthesis or are unable to reach their potential. 
With our extensive experience we will design a socket which will not only be comfortable, it will allow you to get most out of your prosthesis.

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We're Just getting started!

Romel has been working in the field of prosthetics & orthotics for over 17 years and specializes in prosthetics. Romel has been working  with Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics since 2005 and before that he was a prosthetist at Hanger Clinic. Romel Has recently moved from Chicago and started Orthoco Prosthetics which focuses only on prosthetic clinical care. 

Patient's love Romel not only because he can solve their issues, but also because he works with them to visualize and achieve their goals. 

We started Ortheco Prosthetics with Amputee Success as our one and only goal. With our years of experience in prosthetics we will make sure every amputee we are working with reaches their desired goal. 

We are employing some of the latest technology, not only in the prosthesis we build, but also how we interact with the patients and deliver care. Allowing clinicians to spend less time doing paperwork and and more time with the patient, we are striving to really understand what our patient's needs are. Instead of constantly typing notes clinicians can work on taking care of the patient. 

Our administrative team will work with your insurance to get your prosthesis approved as fast as possible. Since they are doing only prosthetics, they are champions in prosthetic claims so you can start accomplishing your goals sooner.

Romel Bhanti CP LP, Prosthetist
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St. Louis MO

Springfield IL

Cape Girardeau MO

4105 Union Road
St. Louis, MO 63129

2907 Independence St Suite D
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

2061 Timberbook Dr, Suite A

Springfield, IL 62702

CALL: 314-492-0080

FAX: 314-4611713

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